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we Deliver cybersecurity services with INTEGRITY

We build a company culture that encourages honesty and integrity in our team members, leading to tighter cybersecurity services and a better-performing workforce.



We help our clients plan, implement and monitor successful cyber security programs that align with business objectives.


24/7 support

Our cyber security support services include cyber security operation center to provide you with round-the-clock services.


Certified resources

Our expert team is not only qualified but also has years of experience. Our team strives to provide the best possible outcome to help you achieve your goals.

Cybersecurity Protects What Matters Most

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Cyber threats could harm your business and malicious agents have plenty of ways to penetrate your network. Ransomware and malware are the most common types of cyber attacks right now and without proper protection, you could be leaving your business vulnerable.

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we provide solutions and services for your needs

Our solutions and services are designed to assist our clients in planning, managing, implementing, and maintaining Information Technology. We always use the best and proven method and also uphold the value by working closely with our principal to ensure high-performance results in each implementation.

positive corporate culture

We build a positive company culture that makes our intelligent people enjoy working together and increase their productivity.​

continous improvement

We are continually improving our business, processes, and way of our work, as well as continuous innovations through sharing ideas between our employees.

professional team

Our team of experts will help your organization to provide a robust and scalable foundation for rapid deployment of cybersecurity architecture and operation while reducing cybersecurity impact costs by preparing and protecting from cyber threats, defending and detecting breaches, and then responding to and recovering from incidents.

best solutions and services

The combination of our expertise and our partner technology will enable your organizations to better understand, anticipate and shape business outcomes through the ability to minimize the impact of cyber threats.

our solutions

We Deliver THE LEADING Cyber Security Solutions

It is our commitment to give the best products and services in Cybersecurity Solutions, especially in Indonesia, to become the best choice for our clients by fulfilling their vision and requirements achieved through our integrity and quality of work.

Network Perimeter

Protection of a network perimeter includes Firewalls by monitoring and filtering the traffic that passes through it.

security operation

Security Operations including preventing, detecting, assessing, monitoring, and responding to cyber security threats using SIEM

identity & access

Monitoring and protecting secret accounts on the endpoint to protect sensitive data that secure privileged credentials.

end point protection

Protect the endpoint assets in the office and working remotely that are the last touch point of the network it is connected to

Cloud security

Providing security usually get from a firewall and endpoint anti-malware solution, but it can’t get from cloud application providers.
our services

The World is Changing. Are you Prepared?

Acting in partnership with organizations, we will provide unmatched information security services designed to improve overall security posture, close gaps and track vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis through continued education and support.

Solution implementation

PUNGGAWA provides professional services for planning, designing, consultation & implementation of various Cyber Security solutions.

cybersecurity assessment

Get a detailed assessment of your current information security posture including a detailed report of key findings and recommended remediation activities.

cyber security operation center

Our Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) help commercial and government organizations manage their security needs.

solution support

PUNGGAWA offer easy & reliable technical support with cyber security advice and products tailored to your business needs.

cyber forensic & investigation

Identifying Cyber threats quickly, and responding to them before severe damage is caused, is at the heart of an effective Cyber Forensics process

security awareness program

Your best defensive strategy against sophisticated attacks is to raise employee awareness and educate on good cybersecurity practices.

partnerships and accreditation

our technology partners

With over 10 years’ of technology experience, we provide our clients with the technology expertise they require to run their business smoothly and securely. Our certifications and accrediations provide you with the peace of mind that you’re working with a trusted, compliant and recognised technology partner. Our partnerships with leading global IT innovators and manufacturers means we provide state-of-the-art solutions at cost-effective prices. In order to attain these high accreditation levels, our team perform continuous learning and must pass regular exams to ensure they have exceptional product and solutions knowledge.

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