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Empowering Innovation: The Drive Behind PUNGGAWA Cybersecurity’s Success

Since its inception in 2018, PUNGGAWA Cybersecurity has carved a niche for itself in the competitive cybersecurity market. It offers a suite of services that encompass everything from Penetration Testing to comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Its mission is clear: to deliver successful outcomes, foster a culture of learning and awareness, and promote sharing and collaboration within the community.

On March 7, 2024, PUNGGAWA Cybersecurity celebrated an event that stands as a testament to its core values and mission: Innovation Day.


Organized by the Cybersecurity Strategic and Services Division, the event was a clarion call to the innovators within the organization. It was a day dedicated to motivation, sharing, and collaboration, where teams, including Implementation and Support Team, Blue Team, Red Team, Cybersecurity Threat Research, and Product Development Research, came together to showcase innovative ideas that could further the company’s vision.

Innovation Day is more than just an event; it reflects PUNGGAWA Cybersecurity's commitment to innovation, learning, and community engagement.

The atmosphere of Innovation Day was electric, with participants bringing an infectious enthusiasm to the proceedings. It clearly displayed the company’s foundational belief in ‘QALBU‘: Quick & high-quality response, Attitude is everything, Listening, learning, leading, and succeeding, Being a problem solver, and Unity is our strength. These values were embodied in every presentation, discussion, and interaction, painting a vivid picture of a company deeply committed to its people and their growth.

PUNGGAWA Cybersecurity’s partnership with leading global IT innovators like Palo Alto Networks, F5, IBM, CyberArk, Delinea, HashiCorp, SentinelOne, and StellarCyber underscores their commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions. These partnerships have enabled PUNGGAWA to integrate advanced technologies into their services, enhancing their effectiveness and ensuring they stay at the cutting edge of cybersecurity innovations. The continuous learning and high accreditation levels achieved by the team further ensure that PUNGGAWA remains a leader in the field.

The services offered by PUNGGAWA Cybersecurity are comprehensive and designed to meet a wide array of needs. From Cybersecurity Assessment, which thoroughly evaluates a company’s digital defenses, to Cybersecurity Operation Center (CSOC), which offers round-the-clock monitoring and response to security incidents, PUNGGAWA has a solution for every cybersecurity challenge. The company also offers specialized services like Cybersecurity Forensic and Malware Analysis for investigating security breaches and a Cybersecurity Awareness Program to educate employees about digital threats. In this way, PUNGGAWA leaves no stone unturned in its quest to secure its clients against the myriad threats in the digital world.

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Innovation Day is more than just an event; it reflects PUNGGAWA Cybersecurity’s commitment to innovation, learning, and community engagement. The success of this day signals a promising future, one where the company continues to foster a culture of innovation among its employees. Such initiatives contribute to the team member’s personal growth and enhance the company’s effectiveness and success in the cybersecurity industry.

With its sights set firmly on becoming a preferred partner in cybersecurity, PUNGGAWA Cybersecurity is well on its way to making the world safer for digital transformation. Innovation Day 2024 was just another step in this journey, a celebration of creativity and innovation that will undoubtedly lead to many more successes in the future.
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