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About Us

PUNGGAWA is an Indonesian term for a leader or authority figure known for guiding and taking responsibility in their community.


PUNGGAWA is a term from Indonesian culture that refers to a leader or an authoritative figure known for their leadership, responsibility, and guidance within a community. It symbolizes a commitment to leadership excellence, ethical practices, qualities of strength, wisdom, and trustworthiness, and a protective stance towards those under its care.

The PUNGGAWA Team was founded in 2018 and began providing services to customers in 2019, starting with penetration testing services. It has successfully implemented and penetrated the cybersecurity market in Indonesia.

We are acting in partnership with clients, we will provide cyber security solutions and services designed to improve overall security posture, close gaps, and track vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis through continued operations and support by implementing identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery.

Our Vision

To Become a Preferred Partner in Cybersecurity Capabilities As a Key Contribution to Making The World Safer for Digital Transformation

Our Mission

Deliver Successful Outcomes

Ultimately, our people and dedication to process will drive the solutions which deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

Culture of Learning and Awareness

We will continue to build a culture of learning and awareness within our team

Sharing & Collaboration with Community

We work collaboratively as partners and teams within the organization and broader community.


Our Core Value

At PUNGGAWA we pursue both purpose and success, knowing one will ultimately lead to the other. Our core values foster a culture that promotes rapid, high-quality responses, a proactive attitude, continuous learning and leadership, innovative problem-solving, and strong unity. These principles guide our team in providing advanced, reliable cybersecurity solutions, ensuring our clients’ digital safety with utmost professionalism and excellence. We live out our values and put them into action every day through our relationships with our employees, clients, partners, and families.

Quick and High-Quality Response

In cybersecurity, rapid response to threats is crucial. In PUNGGAWA, we emphasize quick action to identify and mitigate cyber threats, ensuring clients' digital assets are protected efficiently and effectively. High- quality response also means providing thorough and knowledgeable solutions to complex cybersecurity challenges.

Attitude is Everything

A positive, proactive attitude is essential in PUNGGAWA. This involves staying ahead of potential threats, being eager to learn about new security trends, and maintaining a resilient mindset in the face of evolving cyber threats. An attitude geared towards continuous improvement helps in adapting to the dynamic nature of cybersecurity.

Listen, Learn, Lead & Succeed

This value underscores the importance of continuous learning in cybersecurity. By actively listening to client needs and industry developments, the PUNGGAWA team stays informed and ahead. This learning translates into leading in the field, developing innovative solutions, and achieving success in protecting clients from cyber threats.

Be Problem Solver

Cybersecurity is often about solving complex puzzles posed by cyber threats. In PUNGGAWA, we emphasize the importance of a solutions- oriented approach, whether it’s tackling a sophisticated cyber-attack, navigating through intricate network vulnerabilities, or finding creative solutions to new security challenges.

Unity is Our Strength

We understand entrepreneurial challenges and know what makes Cybersecurity requires teamwork and collaboration, both within the organization and with clients, partners, and the broader cybersecurity community. Unity in purpose and action ensures a stronger defence against cyber threats and a more resilient security posture.

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