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Our Services

At PUNGGAWA Cybersecurity, we excel in implementing and supporting key security solutions. Our services include safeguarding network perimeters, managing identity and access, protecting endpoints, and deploying advanced SIEM/SOAR operation tools. Our aim is to strengthen every aspect of your cybersecurity.

We also offer specialized services like comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessments, 24/7 monitoring through our Cybersecurity Operation Center (CSOC), in-depth Forensic and Malware Analysis, and an engaging Cybersecurity Awareness Program. Each service is designed to empower your organization with robust, proactive security measures

Implementation & Support

PUNGGAWA has a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers who has experts in systems integration, freeing up internal talent to focus on customer- centric projects which enable competitive advantage and audience acquisition. We have an impressive track record of delivering technology integration at any scale and across many industries.

We streamline the entire process – from design to delivery – and can assist with product selection, design, project management, configuration automation, customizations, logistics, and more. By working with industry-leading vendor partners, we select the most appropriate technologies to meet your needs and deliver a fully integrated, configured, and tested solution.

Project Management

Our comprehensive project management services include scheduling, vendor relationship management, and logistics. All of our engagements provide end-to-end project management, including milestones to ensure that the project is right the first time, on budget, and aligned with the desired business outcomes.


Implementation process is as important to us as it is to you. Your solution will be ready to deliver value from the moment it is deployed. Our comprehensive quality control process incorporates numerous checkpoints throughout production to ensure that your network or security solution provides the efficiencies, agility, and scalability needed to grow your business.


PUNGGAWA offers a wide range of support services that can be highly customized. Keeping your security and network infrastructure up and running depends on resolving issues quickly or proactively identifying conditions before they impact service. Our team members are seasoned experts and provide comprehensive support services.

Cybersecurity Assessment

PUNGGAWA cybersecurity assessment services will provide a comprehensive risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment to ensure your organization’s security. Our multidisciplinary approach looks at security from every angle to mitigate risks from data and the physical environment, the human element, to the role of technology.

PUNGGAWA cybersecurity assessment services will complete a technology security assessment, environmental, and human assessment.

With PUNGGAWA you get human experts. By having real humans hack your system, you discover the issues you need to worry about. In the real world, you defend against intelligent, motivated, problem-solving humans – not just scan and defend accordingly.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Our team conducts comprehensive evaluations, identifying and analyzing vulnerabilities in your systems, providing invaluable insights into potential security gaps. This proactive approach not only helps in fortifying your network against potential breaches but also ensures compliance with the latest security standards.

RED Teaming Operation

PUNGGAWA employs a strategic, adversarial approach to enhance your organization’s defense mechanisms. Our expert team simulates real-world cyber attacks, rigorously testing the resilience of your security systems against sophisticated threats. This service not only reveals potential vulnerabilities but also provides invaluable insights into your security posture, ensuring your defenses are not just compliant, but truly battle-ready.

Social Engineering

Our Social Engineering service is tailored to educate and test your organization’s readiness against deceptive tactics. We simulate real-world scenarios to identify vulnerabilities in human judgment and processes, providing your team with the necessary awareness to recognize and respond to such threats. Our approach not only reinforces your technical safeguards but also empowers your employees, transforming them into a proactive line of defense against these increasingly sophisticated attacks

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Cyber Security Operation Center

Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) is a centralized function within an organization employing people, processes, and technology to continuously monitor and improve an organization’s security posture while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents.

PUNGGAWA Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) running 24×7 operation hour to help commercial and government organizations manage their security needs — No need to hire your own security staff — No investment in expensive technology — No time wasted reviewing your logs — Optimize your time to focus on your priorities — We will take care of your security needs.

Cyber Threat Hunting Service

Find Hidden Threats that Evade Preventive Security Controls

Threat hunting is becoming increasingly important as companies seek to stay ahead of the latest cyber threats and rapidly respond to any potential attacks. PUNGGAWA leverages human and machine knowledge to contextualize business activities and organizational landscapes. We assess posture and a series of attack motives, starting with a baseline profile. We turn this knowledge into actionable data that drives security operations and enhances incident response.

Our threat-hunting methodology is designed to provide a common framework for our threat hunters to work and interact as part of the CSOC ecosystem in order to provide targeted threat detection and effective, continuous improvement to our automated detection and response capabilities.

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Cybersecurity Forensic

Computer forensics is a unique combination of science and art. A digital forensic examiner uses active and non-active data and “system-generated information” on computer systems, such as link files and registry entries, to roll back time and paint a coherent picture of how a system was used.

Investigating the Attack.

PUNGGAWA will thoroughly investigate the incident while informing you of all results. Computer forensic investigations can be performed during Incident Response Handling or independently – depending on your needs. Our experts leverage elite cyber threat intelligence to investigate the breach(es), determine likely cause(s), report progress to appropriate parties as required by many regulatory compliance and security standards, and help you quickly contain and eradicate the threat from your environment as possible.

An important part of cyber forensics is the analysis of suspected cyberattacks, aiming to identify, mitigate, and eradicate cyber threats. This makes cyber forensics a critical part of the incident response process. Cyber forensics is also useful to provide the information required by auditors, legal teams, or law enforcement in the aftermath of an attack.

Cybersecurity Forensic

Cyber forensics is the art and science of applying computer science to aid the legal process. With rapid technological advancement, it quickly became more than just art. It is more than the technical, systematic inspection of the computer system and its contents for evidence or supportive evidence of a civil wrong or a criminal act.

Malware Analysis

Malware Analysis is typically carried out in response to a Malware outbreak when Anti-Virus tools fail to detect and remove a threat or when a client wishes to know more about a particular malware body that has worked its way onto their network. PUNGGAWA cybersecurity has the capability to conduct independent research on phishing campaigns, malware, and APT groups. Our in-house researchers perform a holistic analysis of cyber threats to develop detection strategies, malware signatures, file analysis, and memory forensics.

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Security Awareness Program

Build Your Human Firewall with Security Awareness Program

Security Awareness Program helps protect your business by creating a staff of security professionals who can easily spot targeted cyber threats.

Our Security Awareness Program solution enables your employees to make smarter security decisions by training them to understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear phishing, malware, ransomware, and social engineering and then apply this knowledge, aiming to identify, mitigate, and eradicate.

Nearly all successful cyber attacks require a user at a victim organization to make a mistake. From being tricked into giving away critical information via social engineering campaigns to misconfigurations due to more technical users viewing security as an afterthought, security awareness training has a place in all organizations of varying security maturity.

With a properly managed security awareness training program, your users go from being liabilities to acting as a human firewall immersed in security culture. Security awareness training is usually a requirement of today’s leading cybersecurity compliance frameworks.

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